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We have recently introduced new software versions for several ventilators in our portfolio that bring you new functionalities and enhance device performance. In the case of the HAMILTON-C1/T1/MR1, the software update provides compatibility with new hardware components, which will be introduced shortly to ensure the continued availability of this platform in the future.  

Below we introduce you to just a few of the exciting features offered with the new software for our high-end ventilator, the HAMILTON-G5/S1, which include IntelliSync+ for optimizing patient-ventilator synchrony. For more information about obtaining the new software, please contact your local Hamilton Medical sales representative or authorized distribution partner in your country.

If you are attending either the ANZICS in Adelaide or the ESICM in Paris, be sure not to miss our lunchtime symposia! You can find more details in our events section below.

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The product update

Advanced new features for the HAMILTON-G5/S1

The latest software version 2.80 for the HAMILTON-G5/S1 brings you a host of new features*, as well as improvements to existing functionalities. A major advancement is the availability of the IntelliSync+ option. 

The IntelliSync+ technology mimics the expert‘s eye by continuously analyzing waveform shapes at least one hundred times per second. This allows IntelliSync+ to detect patient efforts immediately, and to initiate inspiration and expiration in real-time.

For maximum flexibility, IntelliSync+ can be activated to automate either the inspiratory trigger or the expiratory trigger, or both.

Other new features* include:

Driving pressure as a monitoring and trend parameter

Adjustable volume limitation in volume-support and APV modes (neonatal patient group only)

Improvements to ASV and APV modes whereby changes in compliance and/or resistance lead to a faster adaptation of the Vtarget

Variable adjustment of the oxygen concentration for O2 enrichment for all patient groups

* Not all features are available in all markets.


Quick Guide for HAMILTON-G5/S1

Together with the new software, we now also offer a Quick Guide for use of your HAMILTON-G5/S1 ventilator. From set-up of the ventilator to testing and calibration, from mode selection and settings to monitoring and alarms, the Quick Guide provides you with practical information in a compact, easy-to-read format. The Quick Guide is currently available in 12 languages - click on the link below to download the English version or log in to MyHamilton to access the language of your choice!


Accessories and consumables information

Recent changes to our website now make it much easier for visitors to find the information they need about our consumables portfolio. In the Products tab, the new heading Accessories and Consumables is clearly visible. Simply select the correct category from the list underneath (breathing circuits, patient interfaces, etc.) to access detailed product information.

Remember you can also browse our full range of accessories and consumables in the e-catalog. Here you can find product details such as dimensions, item numbers and packaging quantities.

The clinical update

Driving pressure in ARDS patients

Driving pressure (ΔP) represents the ratio of tidal volume to static compliance and is calculated as the difference between plateau pressure and total PEEP. Evidence has shown that ΔP is a ventilator variable strongly associated with hospital survival (Amato et al., 2015). Furthermore, results from an observational study showed ΔP of lower than 14 cmH2O to be associated with lower hospital mortality in moderate to severe ARDS patients (Laffey et al., 2016). Although there are currently no recommendations based on data from prospective randomized controlled trials, it would seem reasonable to aim at keeping ΔP below 14 cmH2O in ARDS patients. Click on the link below to read our bedside tip about measuring driving pressure on any Hamilton Medical ventilator.


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Meet our Ventilation Geeks

What do our Ventilation Geeks love about working at Hamilton Medical?

Prior to becoming Clinical Operations Manager at Hamilton Medical Inc., David Grooms was a Respiratory Therapist for 17 years. He used Hamilton Medical ventilators for the entire time and has seen the passion that goes into our technology. What makes him excited about going to work every day is knowing that all the innovation really makes a difference for the patients!

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11–13 October, 2018
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Lunchtime symposium:
Individualized lung-protective ventilation

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31st Annual Congress of the ESICM
20–24 October, 2018
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Lunchtime symposium:
Open lung strategy 2.0

Tuesday, 23 October, 12:30–14:00